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Worldwide 'Lawyer's Letter' is a UNIQUE professional service that includes a letter written by a lawyer with over 35 years experience to help you end a dispute with a company or other party.

LawyersLetter.Com was created as a Low-Cost service to assist you in resolving disputes and legal issues.

consumer complaints, complaining, complaint form, complaining onlineHave a Problem or Dispute?
Send a "Lawyer's Letter" to any individual or business worldwide.

And GET THE MATTER RESOLVED! Starting at just $49.95



We stop your neighbor's dog from barking
Call Now for assistance. 800-595-2948

Certified mail, return receipt requested lawyers letter $75

 Do you have a California bad check and want to collect twice the amount? 
Call Mr. Radoff for more information

 Stop Illegal Faxes and Emails

Send a "Lawyer's Letter" and resolve the matter quickly!

The Law Offices of Franklin Radoff will customize a "Lawyer's Letter" to anyone for any problem....worldwide for just $49.95. Show them you mean business!

Mr. Radoff's single page letter will assist you in resolving your dispute or legal issue. There is a slightly higher fee for more than a single page letter. However, most letters are a single page.

No one likes to receive a letter from an attorney and that's why the lawyer's letter works so well. Most lawyers charge $150 and up for the same service.

To order your "Lawyer's Letter" online [click here] or you may call Mr. Radoff's office at: (800) 595-2948. If you need legal advice Mr. Radoff will personally assist you. He charges $75 for a phone consultation charged to your credit card. There is no charge to ask Mr. Radoff about his services.


Other Services Offered by Mr. Radoff:

  • Legal advice over the telephone for $75 per call (no time limit) charged to your credit card. (Have your credit card available at time of call)

  • Paralegal services for low-cost document preparation which includes legal advice.

  • Mr. Radoff will represent you as your attorney of record in your matter in any court in California statewide.

  • Additional Litigation Services

If you need legal advice in addition to a "Lawyer's Letter", there will be a $49.95 charge per call in addition to the cost of the legal letter. Mr. Radoff is a California attorney who can provide you with California legal advice or general legal advice. However, if you need legal advice about other state's laws you will need to contact an attorney in your state.



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