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101 Ways to use a Lawyer's Letter

There so many issues that a professional Lawyer's Letter can bring a positive end to. Even if your issue isn't listed below, let us know and we'll tell you if the Lawyer's Letter will work for you.

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Neighbor Related
Individual Related
Business Related

Loud noisy neighbors

Neighbor's pets barking at all hours of the night and they ignore your requests!

Property line disputes.

Get your neighbor to trim that messy tree that drops sap on your car!

Stop obnoxious illegal food vendors from traveling down your street.

Next door neighbor take up the drums? Get them to install sound proofing.

A neighbor on your block that refuses to keep his or her lawn manicured as per neighborhood/condo rules.

Has your neighbor hired leaf blowers that come at 6 AM in the morning?

Water is draining from their yard into yours.





Request that an airline refund you travel fees because they LOST your luggage!

Add credibility to a small claims issue you want settled or before you start a claim.

Make sure you get the deposit you are entitled to from a rental company or your landlord!

Fly in your soup and they still charged you? Get your money back!

Miss a flight for no good reason other than bad airline management?

Do U.S. mail packages get squashed into your mail box even though the package/box said "DO NOT BEND"?

Did you purchase an extended warranty and the company you bought the product from refuses to abide by it?

Did you loan money to someone by contract and they won't pay it back?

Is your auto insurance refusing to pay on some repair?

Did you buy something on the internet and it never arrived?

Is your landlord withholding necessary repairs in your apartment?

Is an x-spouse or x-significant other causing you grief over some issue that can't be addressed in divorce court?

Did a mechanic not live up to his or her repairs they did on your vehicle?

Did a mechanic overcharge you above a promised quote?

Are credit card companies bullying you by excessive calling?

Is your email address repeated bombarded with one companies SPAM and you've told them over and over to remove your name from their database?


Use the lawyer's letter to retrieve fees due for an overdue invoice from a client.

Retrieve past due rent from your tenants.

Is one of your vendor's not holding up their end of the bargain? Send them a lawyer's letter and tell them you mean business.

Is one of your vendor's not holding up their guarantee on a product they rent or sold to you?

Are credit card companies bullying you by excessive calling?

Getting SPAM faxes or SPAM email and you've contacted them already to get your name and number out of their databases to no avail?





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