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Even if you are handling your own divorce you will need the following services in order for you to have the result you want. These are some of the services Mr. Radoff's office offers to assist you. 

For pricing and further details just call (800) 595-2948.
  • Divorce checklist
  • Preparation of Marital Settlement Agreements-marital settlement checklist
  • Process serving Retrieval of court records Pre-screen your selected attorney 2nd opinions-are you getting the correct advice from counsel or others?
  • Send a lawyers letter for $250.00 We obtain your file from your attorney
  • Discovery process-interrogatories, production of documents/records & depositions
  • Expert witness selection & screening Business &/or residential appraisers
  • Accountants Q.D.R.O. preparation for retirement/profit sharing plans
  • Settlement conference/trial briefs
  • Search for hidden assets
  • Court preparation consultation-how to present your case & what will you need to win.







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