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Other Services Offered by the Law Offices of Franklin Radoff

Below is a list of links for more information on our other services.


Do It Yourself Divorce
Low-Cost Divorce Document Preparation.

California Attorney Assisted Document Preparation 
We Prepare Your Legal Documents For You.

The Divorce Checklist - $9.95
You will no longer wonder what your spouse knows that you don't! 

The Marital Settlement/Agreement [CLICK HERE]
Marital Settlement Agreement (MSA). It contains all of the terms and conditions the parties have agreed to end the marital relationship.

We provide both legal advice and set up blood testing for the child, the mother and the father anywhere in the U.S. 

Determine child/spousal support payments with our full report using your monthly budget. $99 (Includes Legal Advice) ($75.00 without legal advice) 

District Attorney Problems?
Is the District Attorney's Office garnishing your wages? 

California Tenants Rights
We can help you resolve any issues you are having with a current or past landlord. 

California Small Claims Court Help
Get help filing in small claims court and improve your chances of winning it!
File your small claims matter online. 

Real Estate Advice
You mean you were going to buy a house or piece of property without consulting a lawyer?


Sexual Harassment in the Work Place
Did you know that sexual harassment and discrimination in the workplace
is illegal and what has happened to you is not your fault? Download your employee guidelines booklet today.

Personal Injury Matters
We offer a free consultation for matters dealing with personal injury. You shouldn't have to suffer because someone else hurt you or a loved one.
Call Now! 1-800-595-2948

Elder Abuse
Do you have a loved one suffering at the hands of neglectful nursing homes? Stop the abuse now! 1-800-595-2948

Wrongful Termination Helpline
If you have been terminated, your position eliminated, laid off, fired or in need of an employment agreement from your employer you have come to the right place. 1-800-595-2948



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