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My name is Alex Fit. I am a web specialist with over 15 years of solid professional experience. My area of expertise includes everything from website development, maintenance and support to the effective website promotion and advertisement.

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Since 2005 I have been actively engaged in various commercial commodity ventures in more than 20 areas and for each I created an internet portal and set up a successful advertising product. I am proud to say that I learned from the first-class professionals in my industry.
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Do I need an Estate Planning

Do I need an Estate Plan?

A question that pops up inside every adult’s mind is, “Do I need an estate plan?” A study reported that more than 76% of adults in the US think that having a will is good but only 46% of adults have one. You can see a large number of people are still avoiding estate planning even though they know the benefits it brings. However, if you are confused about having an estate plan for yourself then we will try to explain why you need it. First of all, you need to forget the myth, “Estate planning is only for rich people” because it isn’t. We have seen a report which suggested that young people or the millennial’s are being attracted

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Estate Planning Process & Step by Step Guide!

Estate Planning Process & Step by Step Guide!

As we move ahead in our life we are working continuously to earn more n more so that we can provide ourselves and our family a comfortable life and while doing that we accumulate a certain amount of assets and wealth. During our life we are there to manage our finance and take care of our assets while adding them, however, we need to think who is going to take care of them when we are not around us due to incapacity or death. Hence, we need to plan our estate ahead of time so that our assets and our family are protected. The estate includes all your belongings such as cash, clothes, jewelry, cars, houses, land, insurance policies, stocks,

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Estate Planning NYcEstate Planning and the Military; Understand the Importance!

Estate Planning and the Military; Understand the Importance!

While you are responsible to take care of your family during your lifetime, it is your responsibility only to plan for them in case anything happens to you like incapacity or even death. While it is something that is essential for everyone irrespective of their age or wealth, it becomes mandatory for the people who are serving in defense forces as they have to live in life risky areas and environments. The military personals are more prone to life risks and severe injuries that can even lead them to be handicapped and thus making the estate planning more important for them to secure their family and themselves. Estate Planning- In view of the risky life that they live, the military

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